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Sorcier Des Glaces - Snowland CD

Snowland the first album by Sorcier Des Glaces available for the first time as a proper release on it's own. On CD format and limited edition of 100 digipak with two bonus tracks.

The album was completely remastered from the original 1997 master tape by Sorcier Des Glaces at Hell Studio, but rest assured the vibe and sound of the album is still in the same vein of when it was first release on CD-R the very first time in 1998.

The 2 bonus tracks are new songs but written in the spirit of the rest of the album, and they also included some very old riffs that where written back in the days.

Booklet and traycard have a matt finish, as opposed to a shiny one, to have more of an old school primitive vibe to match the essence of this album.

Cold Primitive Metal

Track listing:

1- L'Enchantement Des Glaces 3:54
2- The Winter Nightsky 3:58
3- Pure Northern Landscape Desolation 6.35
4- Onward Into The Crystal Snows 5:26
5- My Journey Into The Black Forest 6:01
6- Darkness Covers The Snowland 2:29
7- L'Éternelle Majesté Des Montagnes 5:07
8- Night Throne 4:31

9- The Threshold Of Fear And Death 7:39
10- Ces Ténèbres Anciens 6:24


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